General Wellness and Nutrition for Family

                Are you looking to improve your family health? 

               Are you trying to eat healthy but having some difficulty getting the whole family on board? There could be many reasons, from stress and busy work schedules to budget constraints and limited                   food accessibility. While it can feel overwhelming, with a mix of careful planning and flexibility, it’s possible to get your family on the same page with healthier habits. At YOS Nutrition, we                                   are aware of the challenges that Indian families face; and know that making a few changes in the kitchen can help balance lifestyle.

        Diet for Kids

Childhood is a critical period for growth and  development. It’s known that children with good eating habits adopt a healthy lifestyle. We are also aware that children who eat the right amount of nutritious foods and are sufficiently active enjoy a healthy life and have a lower risk of long-term health problems.


Hence, good nutrition is critical right from infancy to the teenage years. Understanding the child’s individual concerns is important before any nutritional advice. We provide a customized nutrition plan for your child, designed according to their specific activity, lifestyle, culture, taste and liking. Based on your child’s input, we will provide your child the best all round development and ensure that your child also licks the last morsel from the plate!

   PCOD/ PCOS Diet

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        Nutrition in Pregnancy and Lactation

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       Weight Management

It is not about eating less, but eating right and in the correct quantity that will help you lose weight and keep it off. Losing weight and losing weight in a healthy manner are two very different things. Learning how to lose weight—while eating healthy and avoiding nutritional deficiencies—is key to sustaining good health and even keeping the weight off.

Equipped with the knowledge of how the body gains and loses weight and how to estimate caloric expenditure versus caloric needs, at YOS Nutrition, you will reach goals and establish healthier habits. 

              Diabetes management

The aim of a diet for a person with derailed blood sugars should be to control blood sugar and maintain an adequate nutritional status. 

Healthy eating can help you prevent, control, and even reverse diabetes. A balanced diet for Type 1 & Type 2 Diabetic Patients, Gestational Diabetes, Diabetes of the young and Pre diabetes reversal

You can manage your diabetes and live a long and healthy life by taking care of yourself each day. AS a certified diabetes educator, Trupti will discuss any issues that make it hard for you to bring your blood sugar down and work on solutions.

With extensive counselling and intensive analysis of your medical history evidences, a designed customized nutrition plan for YOUR body requirements, doesn’t stop you from leading the ‘sweet’ life!.

            Medical Nutrition

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                        Beauty - Skin and Hair

One of the best ways to get healthier hair is through your stomach. Glossy hair, strong nails and glowing skin may be signs of a great beauty regime, but the importance of a great diet shouldn’t be underestimated.  Food contains lots of beauty nutrients, which people have used for thousands of years, inside and out. Today we can wash our hair and moisturise our skin with honey, egg, curd, avocado or olives, to name a few. 

There’s no magic food that will keep us looking forever young, but diet (and lifestyle and attitude) does affect how your skin looks and ages.

​ we look to get to the bottom of the matter and understand the root cause of your skin problems and address them in your Nutrition Plan. The results are slow and steady. Over time, your mirror will no longer recognise you and you will fall in love yourself again.

Hair and scalp problems can arise from either a deficiency or an excess of nutrients in your diet, and in some cases nutrition alone can be the cause of hair loss.

However, many people have been led to believe is a ‘healthy diet’ most often does not include all of the necessary elements needed for optimum hair growth, health and appearance.

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